Registration of dental clinics wanted – Journal

PESHAWAR: Healthcare workers welcomed the Federal Government’s approval of the Allied Professionals Council Bill 2022 and urged the Provincial Government to end raids on private clinics and enact legislation for their registration.

Addressing a press conference at the Peshawar Press Club on Monday, members of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dental Technicians Association office said continued raids on their clinics would deprive them of their livelihoods.

Abdul Ghiyas, the president of the association, said it was a real demand from paramedics to legislate for the registration of private clinics run by trained health workers. He said health department officials had made the lives of health technicians miserable by running their private clinics.

Accompanied by a group of other members of the association, he said that the Provincial Health Care Commission had sealed many clinics in raids in different parts of the province, especially in Nowshera and Charsadda, due to the “non-registration”.

Mr. Ghiyas urged the provincial government to legislate for the registration of their clinics instead of closing them.

He said the technicians were treating patients in the dental sector and the government should recognize their services.

He said appropriate legislation should be developed so that they can continue to provide services in the dental sector without any restrictions. He said the health department should organize special training courses for dental technicians.

Mr. Ghiyas called for the inclusion of tooth extraction, filling, scaling, prosthetics and root canal as theoretical and practical topics in courses for dental technicians and professionals.

He urged provincial health authorities to let dental technicians run their clinics until appropriate legislation affects them. He said the speedy establishment of the professional council would enable different categories of health workers to register with the health department and run their clinics according to the rules.

Posted in Dawn, March 15, 2022

Larry A. Schroeder