Benefits of Modern General Dentistry Highlighted by President George Washington’s Oral Health Painful Tribulations, Says Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care

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People today are fortunate to live in a time when basic preventative measures such as regular teeth cleaning, fluoridated toothpaste and tap water, and standard dental procedures such as dental fillings would have was able to prevent just about every problem plaguing George Washington.

A February 3 article in Health.Mil chronicles the dental tribulations of the first President of the United States, George Washington. While it is well known that the legendary general and statesman suffered from serious dental problems, contrary to popular legend, President Washington never wore wooden dentures. Instead, its 18th-century dentists used problematic natural prostheses made from natural teeth that belonged to Washington or from animals and humans. They were poor replacements who often exacerbated his struggles with horrible dental issues. Santa Clarita Dental Group says people today are fortunate to live in a time when basic preventative measures such as regular teeth cleaning, fluoridated toothpaste and tap water, and dental procedures standard such as dental fillings could have prevented just about any problem. who tormented George Washington – a meticulous man who practiced impeccable dental hygiene by Revolutionary War-era standards.

Of course, dental patients still sometimes suffer from painful toothaches and often need dental extractions and oral surgery. However, the Santa Clarita Medical Group notes that ordinary people with oral problems now enjoy a level of care far beyond what George Washington or his nemesis, King George III of England, could have imagined. It’s certainly much more comfortable considering that anesthesia hadn’t even been developed in the 1700s and most doctors could only resort to opiates and other primitive and potentially dangerous forms of anesthesia. .

The dental office adds that when it comes to mouth prostheses, modern synthetic prostheses are much more hygienic and durable than what was available in the 1700s, even for very wealthy and powerful people. Today, President Washington would probably have opted for the replacement for the modern gold standard, dental implants, which act in exactly the same way as natural teeth and can limit the type of gum problems that often lead to loss. of teeth. Additionally, while President Washington had to live with replacement teeth so discolored that people may have mistaken them for wood, dental implants are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth for most people. Of course, if George Washington had had access to modern preventive care, most of the painful infections that caused him to lose all his teeth at age 57 probably never would have happened.

Santa Clarita Dental Care says that, unfortunately, not everyone benefits fully from advances in oral health, but it’s never too late to start. Anyone who hasn’t visited their dentist recently should schedule an appointment for a dental checkup and cleaning to avoid the kinds of painful issues that have plagued so many people in the past. Imagine how grateful the most famous and admired man of the 18th century would have been to take advantage of the type of oral health care now available to all of us, says Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care.

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